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Aprons - Kiddies

  • Meeco has a Poncho and well as String aprons.

  • Great for kids who like to get messy when painting.


Book Bags

  • Meeco Book bags are available in assorted colours and sizes.


Book Carry Bags

  • Meeco Book carry bag available in assorted colours.

  • With zip closure and handle easy to carry around.

  • Two sizes available: Standard and Extra Large.

Book Covers - Fitted & Adjustable

  • Meeco Book covers come in either: Adjustable or Non Adjustable.

  • They are easy to use.

  • Available in Clear, Blue and pink.

Book Cover Rolls

  • Meeco Book cover rolls come in 2 metres only.

  • There is different quality of thickness such as:

  • 45Micron, 70Micron, 100Micron.


Denim Chair Bags

  • Made with robust denim fabric

  • Available in Medium (38cm) & Large (44cm)

  • Fits most chairs

  • Includes name tag for marking

  • Available in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

  • Suitable for use in schools and homes

Tri Masters Fan00536.jpg

Chair Bags

  • Meeco Chair bags available in assorted colours.

  • Comes in sizes Large

  • and Medium in Blue only.

Meeco Nylon Pencil Bags - Group

Pencil Bags

  • Meeco has a variety of Pencil bags, in assorted colours and sizes.


Portfolio Cases

  • Meeco Portfolio case is great to store Visual diarys, artwork or any "bulky items". They have a easy clip for closure.

  • Available in Black..

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