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Binding & Laminating

  • We have your whole presentation covered.

  • We stock a full range of every size of binding elements

  • We offer you some creative flare with our neon range.

  • Our laminating pouches are a leader in the industry, available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

  • Our full range of slide binders come in normal and neon colours which help you secure your documents effortlessly and beautifully.



  • We have all your calculation needs covered.

  • We stock two way power calculators

  • The ergonomic design and angled display make your calculations more interesting 

  • Our calculators have all the keys you'll ever need

Conferecning Side Picture - Website.jpg


  • We have the complete conferencing kit for all your name badging requirements.

  • Available in Clear.

  • Templates available online. 

  • Easy as 1,2,3!


Filing & Accessories

  • Meeco specializes in filing accessories,

  • We have a wide range of very high quality items.

  • All our products are made from only the best high quality polypropylene, we have never cut our quality or lied about our thickness.

  • Our indexes, carry folders and quotation folders are a market leader.

  • When you think filing accessories think Meeco!

DoodleMe Side Picture - Website.jpg

Meeco DoodleMe

  • Meeco DoodleMe is a fantastic innovative product and is an industry first it was completely designed by us.

  • This special nylon allows you to use any pen, pencil, koki, crayon, paint or marker to personalize your own product.

  • We have specifically designed these products around the scholastic products that we already supply so not only is it a required scholastic stationery line it’s also fun.


Back Pack Bags

  • Meeco Back Packs are great as they come in colours Black, Blue, Pink.

  • Great for anyone on the go!

  • These backpacks are long lasting and compartments so                  there's always room for something!

  • We also stock a new neon range. 

Laser Labels Side Picture - Website.jpg

Laser Labels

  • Meeco laser labels are economically priced and of the highest quality.

  • Available in a variety of different sizes we have what you are looking for.



  • Meeco notebooks are great, this fun range of notebooks caters for everyone.

  • We have bright neon colours, as well as more executive finishes.

  • Available in A4, A5 and A6 we have a notebook for everybody.

  • This is a Me-Eco friendly product.

Scissors Side Picture - Website.jpg


  • A wide range of scissors are available in a Executive and Economy range.

  • Available in large and small sizes. 

  • We also stock Neon scholastic scissors economy range, as well as an executive range in scholastic 140mm and 212mm, great for office and home use!



  • Meeco is a leader in the scholastic stationery market.

  • With a lot of our products asked for by brand we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products to the students that use them.

  • We strongly value price vs quality and we make every effort to bring the highest quality product at the most affordable price to the market.

  • We have a vast range of products ranging from filing accessories, library bags, scissors, chair bags and so much more! 


Sticky Notes

  • We have your sticky note needs covered.

  • We stock a full range of sticky notes

  • We offer you some creative flare with our neon and pastel ranges.

  • Our sticky notes come in cubes and index films.

  • Our full range of sticky notes come in pastel and neon colours which help you bring creativity to all your notes

Storage Box Side Picture - Website.jpg


  • Meeco storage boxes are easy to assemble and come in a variety of sizes and colours. Allows files and so much more the ability to be well kept.

Sundries Side Picture - Website.jpg


  • Meeco offers a full range of sundry items.

  • These are all of the highest quality and packaged according to the industry’s needs.

  • Our name badges are a market leader as well as our economy scissors which are more than an ‘economy’ product.

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