About Us

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Tri-Masters is a well established stationery distributor that has been operating in the South African stationery industry since October 2003. Importing high quality staplers, perforators and filing accessories, is our specialty.

We currently hold the sole distributorship for a highly recognized international brand called Letack. Our Meeco plastics range boasts the same appeal. The ever growing demand for our brands and products has seen a continuous increase in our ranges.


Meeco is Tri-Masters house brand. The name was derived from the Italian word ‘Meglio’ which means better. Over the past few years the Meeco brand name has become well established in the stationery industry. Earning its reputation as a good quality product at a reasonable price. We have learnt that the stationery industry is very set in its ways and there is not much room for new products so Meeco was started as a generic line. Today Meeco is its own brand and is asked for by name country wide. The range continues to grow and now consists of a wide range of products including filing accessories, laminating and binding materials, and scrapbooking.

All Meeco products have a full manufactures warranty. Meeco is most definitely the best priced product in the market.

Our Range of Brands