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Filing & Filing Accessories


Accessible Files - Polypropylene

  • Meeco accessible files are made of thick polypropylene and have a silk screened front for easy marking.

  • Spill resistant. Has high quality metal spring inside.

  • Size 350mm X 280mm.

  • Available in colours Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow.and Red.

Business Card Holder & Sleeves

  • Meeco Business Card holders are great to keep business cards safe and neat & presentable.


Carry Folders

  • Meeco Carry Folders are thick PVC with a clip button.

  • Available in a variety of size and colours.


  • Meeco plastic Clipboard is available in colour Black only with a cover so work is protected and kept clean.

Conference Folders

  • Meeco conference folders with a zip closure. Available in Blue, Green, Pink and Black.


Display Books

  • Meeco Economy Display Books, available in 10, 20, 30 & 50 Pocket.

  • We also have Meeco Executive Display Books available in 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 & 100 Pocket in Black & Clear. 


Elastic Carry Folders

  • Meeco Elastic Carry Folders are PVC with elastic closure, available in Black, Blue  and Multi colour.

ZQ340 New labels red_zq340 NEW LABELS red.jpg

Expandable Document Envelope

  • Meeco Expandable Document envelope has an elastic closure which allows for easy access and closure. 

  • Available in Black, Blue and Red,


Exam Pad Folder

  • Meeco Exam Pad Folder.

  • With pen holder and 30 page exam pad.

  • Available in bright neon colours.

ZQ37-G1 New-01.jpg

Expanding Files

  • Meeco has a large variety of Expanding files with choices of 6, 12, 24 divisions.

File Boxes

  • Meeco File boxes come in two different sizes: Medium and large. Available in Blue, Green and pink.

Filing Pockets

  • Meeco Filing pockets come in Clear only.

  • Available in 30, 40 Micron 100 pieces per pack.

  • 30,40 Micron 10 pieces per pack.

  • Filing pockets executive 100 Microns - 50 pieces per pack.


Indexes/File Dividers

  • Meeco Indexes comes in plastic 140 Micron,

  • Board 

  • Executive 180 Micron.

Lever Arch Files

  • Meeco lever arch files are made of thick PP foam in a solid plastic colour.

  • With large cut out on the spine for easy removal off a shelf.

  • Two tone funky colours, with high quality lever arch mechanism.

  • 75MM spine.

  • Available in Blue, Green and Violet.

Premier Folders

  • Meeco Premier folder is great as it allows you to fill in information on the front - easy to use when filing! 

Quotation Folders

  • Meeco Quotation folders comes in

  • economy and premium they have an easy slide clip inside to hold documentation.

  • Comes in a variety of colours such as Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Light blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, Violet and Yellow.

Quotation Folder with Overlay

  • Meeco Quotation folders comes in Black and Blue.

  • With high quality lockable plastic clip.

  • With front pocket to personalise your filing.


A4 2 D-Ring Binder File 

  • Meeco 2 D-Ring binder file.

  • 25mm D-Ring metal mechanism with paper lock.

  • Available in bright neon colours.


Secretarial Folders

  • Meeco secretarial folders are PVC, easy corner access which alows for easy insertion of paper.

  • Available in soft pastel colours such as Blue, Clear, Green, Red and Yellow.

HE505 - GROUP..jpg

Secretarial Folder with 5 Tabs

  • Meeco secretarial folders are PVC, easy corner access which alows for easy insertion of paper.

  • Available in soft pastel colours such as Blue, Clear, Green, Red and Yellow.

Slide Binder Folder

  • Meeco slide binder folder keeps work neat and clean.

  • Available in Black, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink.

Side Lock Folder

  • Meeco side lock folder are great for presentations as there is no punch filing requirements.

SWI001- New Group-01.png

Swing Clip File

  • Meeco swing clips file comes in creative swirl pattern Blue, Green, Pink and White or a stripe executive look in colour Black.

Two Pocket Folder

  • Meeco two pocket folder is a thick executive looking polypropylene folder, with two pockets inside to sturdily store documents.

  • With business card place holder.

  • Available in variety of colours.

Zip File Case

  • Meeco Zip File case is available in A4 size, with a zip around the fill file, which allows for complete closure so documentation does not fall out.

  • Available in Blue, Clear, Red & Violet.

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