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Binding & Laminating


Binding Covers

  • Thick quality PVC binding covers.

  • Available in Clear 150 micron with a gloss finish.

  • Available in frosted coffee, 180 micron with a frosted finish.

  • Available in 100Pcs/pack.

  • A great finishing touch to your project.

Binding Elements

  • Thick PVC binding elements with 21 rings.

  • Available in Black, Blue and White.

  • Great for binding documents together.

  • Works well with binding element machines.

Laminating Pouches

  • Meeco Laminating pouches available in all shapes and sizes. 

  • Comes in 150 micron (which is 75micron X 75micron) and 250 micron (which is 125micron X 125micron)


Slide Binders

  • Meeco slide binders available in Black, Blue, Red & White.

  • In sizes 5mm,10mm & 15mm. 

  • We also have our new funky range available in Neon pink & Neon yellow, in sizes 5mm & 10mm.

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